If wishes were horses…

July 12th, 2015 § Comments Off on If wishes were horses… § permalink

Meet Mystical. I made him for a sweet little girl who has just discovered horses. She’s been riding a broom around her yard, seeking adventure, and I thought it was time to take her interest up a cavaletti or two. And so, Mystical was born!

He is the hobby horse I would have wanted as a child – except mine would have been jet black. In making him, I was transported back to younger days. He’s a far cry from the sticks adorned with binder twine manes and tails that my sisters and I used to make. But those stick horses were an expression of our deepest passion, and we road them day and night until we got horses of our own.

I hope Mystical inspires a lifetime of horse fever in the heart of thisMystical sweet little girl. I hope someday we can ride together. Until then, may Mystical carry her safely on all kinds of fantastical adventures!

Happy Birthday, Darcy!

It’s almost real

March 29th, 2011 § 2 comments § permalink

I just received word that Against All Odds has gone to the printer. I feel sick with nerves! But to calm myself, I stare at the cover. I love it. I’m so thrilled to see my alien staring back at me.  And he glows in the dark. Ooooooo…

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