MillhousebookMillhouse is no ordinary pig. A fainthearted, highly sensitive soul raised in the theater, Milly loves all things theatrical. He longs for the limelight – and for someone to love.

But the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune threaten to bring this aspiring (and hairless) thespian down. Abandoned to a neglected pet shop, Millhouse finds himself a reviled outcast who must contend with brutes like the brainless gerbils, the snooty Honey Cream guineas who only associates with Very Important Pigs, and the vicious Pepper Brown ferret who wants to eat Milly for lunch.

Yet with the aid of an eccentric admirer, a silent but loyal friend and an underground army, Millhouse courageously sets about trying to make his dreams come true. Is it to be, or not to be?

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