If you’ve never been to Schomberg…

February 11th, 2010 Comments Off on If you’ve never been to Schomberg…

Today, I had the pleasure of visiting a gorgeous little village north of Toronto called Schomberg. What a wonderful surprise it was to discover! Before today, I’d never even heard of Schomberg let alone visited this quaint, historic town.

I went to Schomberg on a library visit where I met 50+ kids from Schomberg Public School, grades 4 through 6. These kids were bright, articulate and tons of fun. I had a blast.

Librarian, Kelley England, is a consummate host. She’s fun and charming and very organized. All I had to do was saunter in, produce my pen drive and go to. It was the kind of experience every author hopes for when they accept an invitation to do a presentation.

Surrounded by farms, Schomberg offers some lovely distractions for visitors: pubs, restaurants, fairs, antiques, and dozens of parades for all kinds of reasons, including a Christmas parade and a seasonal parade of tractors. 🙂

I will definitely return to this beautiful little town. Soon. Very soon.

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