CCBC Recommends Gravity!

February 17th, 2010 Comments Off on CCBC Recommends Gravity!

I’m so pleased the Canadian Children’s Book Centre has recommended Gravity Brings Me Down. Here’s their review:

When it comes right down to it, Sioux Smith just knows that she is a bird in the midst of the “barrel of monkeys” that is high school. She takes pride in her individuality and her fairly cynical world view, and considers it her mission to serve as her philosophy teacher’s nemesis. Between trying to avoid her lovesick admirer Tod and infuriating one of the jocks in her class on a semi-regular basis, Sioux seems to have her hands full.

However, she still manages to form an unlikely friendship with elderly Mabel Wilson after a bizarre encounter while doing research for a school assignment on suicide. Mabel mistakes Sioux for her own daughter Marie and, despite Sioux’s attempts to just forget about her, she can’t help but worry about the lonely old woman. As the two start spending time together, Sioux gains some valuable insights into life from her new friend. However, there comes a point where she finds herself powerless to give Mabel the help that she wants and needs.

The relationship that develops between Sioux and Mabel is heartwarming and lovely. Sioux is a witty and entertaining narrator whose growing concern for Mabel is deeply touching. Readers will enjoy discovering, along with Sioux, that people are full of surprises, just like life itself. And while Sioux is left with more questions than answers about Mabel and what will become of her, her outlook on life is profoundly affected by their friendship.

Lisa Doucet
Canadian Children’s Book News

p.s. Lisa, this little cake is for you. :))

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