Wild Mices!

January 7th, 2007 Comments Off on Wild Mices!

We found five of these little guys when we opened our “mouse proof” bin. Their mother had made a nest inside one of our camp chairs. Needless to say, the chair is a write-off. But the mice were very cute. Tiny and round and fuzzy. They were young so they didn’t even try to get away when we found them. They just sat their, shivering in the cold. So we moved them to a nice leafy stump where they could snuggle together and hide from the numerous owls that hang around our land.

Of course, should any “cute and fuzzies” decide to show their faces inside the cabin it will be a different story. We will gently escort them back outside and encourage them not to return. And if they do, well, they may have to meet our cat, Bosco.

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