The pride of Nova Scotia

September 25th, 2006 Comments Off on The pride of Nova Scotia

I just returned from Word on the Street in Halifax. I had a great time! There were so many highlights, it’s hard to know where to start.

The actual festival was fun. I had a riot with Carrie Mac and Janet McNaughton on the YA panel. Carrie is most excellent. We’ve decided to buy a pink cadillac and go on tour together. It could happen…

I also had the pleasure of seeing the Roling Stones, thanks to the generosity of my host’s sister-in-law, who comped me a ticket. We got poured on, in true Maritime style. But the crowd was so orderly. There was one drunk woman, though, who kept shoving me and I thought I was going to get into a dust up. When I told the people at WOTS, they said it would have been funny if I HAD gotten into a fight and said that I got punched out at the writers’ festival. Nothing like a good fight to draw the crowds!

Another highlight was a beautiful walk, taken with my lovely host, Vicki Grant, the author of Quid Pro Quo, and many other fine books. Vicki took me to Prospect, a little seaside village just south of Halifax. It was magical!

But the best thing of all was the chowder. Oh, the chowder! Homemade by Vicki herself. Full of cream and butter and the most delicious things. Mmmmmm…I wish I had some now…

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